Hi-ho, Emily Bergmann here.

There are several of us on the Internet, so to clarify:

I currently work at GLAAD in New York City as their Development Coordinator in Strategic Partnerships.

I’m a 2016 alumna of  Wheaton College in Massachusetts, with a B.A. in Film and New Media Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. I hail from Norwalk, Connecticut. This site served as the home for my FNMS 401 capstone project, which you can read more about on the site.

I think it’s traditional to have some cocktail party facts on a page like this. I’m terrible at checkers. I’m really good at 20 Questions. I remember everything, especially that one embarrassing thing I did in the third grade.

I like Jeopardy!, sending snail mail, keeping houseplants, The New York Times crossword (and its accompanying blog), and watching the angle of people’s heads as they bite into tacos.