File #21: Trudging along

Hi-ho readers,

I thought about actually changing the date of these to Tuesday but then I would end up writing them on Thursday. Blech.

I did not do a whole lot this week as it was my last week of work. I went on a shoot very far away (in zone 2) on Wednesday so I worked for 12 hours. But today I got my transportation reimbursement so baby has some POUNDS burning a hole in her pocket.

I felt homesick a lot this week but am not going to be saying that once I am back home in like, 11 days, so I nipped it in the bud. I also got accepted to Rushlight, the Wheaton literary magazine, and sneezed a lot because it’s hay fever season. Thank God I brought allergy pills.

There is a soprano busker who sings beautifully outside the South Ken station on Thursdays and I cannot figure out her identity. Maybe I will get up the courage to ask her about herself this week.

I’m thinking about doing a rebrand of this newsletter once I get home. The “files” were a good concept for me as I was starting to get ready to leave the country and when I was here. I want the rebrand to have something to do with this, because I feel like it’s appropriate for the impending senior year:

I love laughing at my own jokes. Please provide feedback on this proposal.

Things I Read and Liked This Week
Citylab’s “The Universal Pleasures of 7 PM
The Washington Post’s “A complete history of ‘F*** yeah’ Tumblrs, the happiest blogs on the web
The New Yorker’s “What Part of ‘No, Totally’ Don’t You Understand?”
The New York Times Magazine’s “The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison

And that’s the week that was!

P.S. phrase of the week: “are you being served?”

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