About the capstone

I have two overarching goals for my capstone. You can be the judge of their accomplishment.

The first is to build a homepage for myself (and my personal brand, in less savory terms). This involved buying my very first domain, negotiating with Bluehost and WordPress support, and doing some rudimentary web design. I think it’s beneficial for someone like me, with a pretty strong web/social media presence, to have a landing pad for anyone who comes across me or my work. You’ll notice that much of my creative writing, my resume, and my social profiles are all linked here.

The second is to conduct a series of interviews with female Wheaton alumnae who have entered work in the creative industries (which was the focus of our senior seminar). As of December 9, 2015 (the day of my in class presentation), this is still in progress. Sooner than later there will be five to six audio interviews with women who have entered different fields in this broad array of careers. I hope to gain insight, as someone who will very shortly (read: in five months) be attempting to enter said industry. I also hope it will serve as a resource for Wheaton women and students from other colleges. I feel as if this is an appropriate final effort considering my women’s and gender studies major and my interest in the study of women in the workplace.

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