Capstone Update #2: The End

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I’m choosing to include this picture from Opening Convocation because it’s generally how I feel — looking back while begrudgingly moving forward, in a polyester robe. In 129 I won’t be able to complain anymore (unless I go to graduate school), so I’m kind of relishing the moment before submitting this and actually moving onto my final semester. There were some technical hiccups (read: recordings, Audacity) but I’m so happy with the interviews I was able to conduct and the enthusiasm and cooperation of my subjects. Even though they’re all only one or two years out of the gate, I feel as if I learned a lot in the process, and am a little less scared for my own first foray into the industry. And I hope that whoever comes across this finds it helpful, too.

Bon voyage, FNMS. Or perhaps I shouldn’t say that until I’m done with Production 1.

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